Why Robert?

When making your decision about who to vote for, consider the following differences between Robert and the other at-large candidates:
  • He is the only at-large candidate with his own kids in DPS.  He is in our schools every day, working with teachers, principals and parents.  He has a deep understanding about the challenges they face.
  • He is the only at-large candidate with a proven track record of organizing parents, teachers, and community members to enable major changes that benefit students across the entire city.  His work on the 2012 general obligation bond resulted in major renovations for Valdez and Bromwell, and addressed the open plan classroom issues that several schools faced, including Southmoor, Samuels, Cheltenham, and Centennial.  These renovations have lead to improved educational outcomes for thousands of students across the city.  Robert was able to accomplish this in spite of strong resistance from the district.  He won’t simply be a board member who says “NO”.  He will work with others to bring positive change to DPS.
  • He is the only at-large candidate running an all-volunteer grassroots campaign.  He’s not supported by hundreds of thousands of dollars in out of state money, and every dollar his campaign raises is spent directly on things such as yard signs, literature, and advertising. He knows how to make the most out of limited resources, and doesn’t waste money on unnecessary expenses (like thousands of dollars in consulting fees and/or food and drink at 40+ establishments in the Denver area like his opponents).  This mindset is critical for public education, where budget cuts have left our schools without the resources they need.
  • He is the only at-large candidate who believes parents should be able to choose where their kids attend school, and understands the fact that many parents prefer to choose strong neighborhood schools.  He won’t support policies that eliminate a parent’s choice but he does want to ensure that if families prefer a strong neighborhood school, that it is an option for them.