Why I’m Running

I’m a parent, not a politician.

My wife, Kristen and I have two children, ages 10 and 12.  Our son attends Escuela Valdez, and our daughter attends Lake International, both in Northwest Denver.

I became increasingly involved with Denver Public Schools in 2011 when I was nominated by the Valdez leadership team to spearhead the effort to secure 2012 General Obligation Bond (GOB) funds to renovate our school and bring it up to modern standards.  Speth for StudentsThrough my involvement with this project and the formation of a partnership with several DPS board members, Valdez was able to lead the charge to convince the Board of Education to allocate $22 million from the 2012 General Obligation Bond funds to address not just the Valdez “open design” issues, but those at other “open designed” schools: Swansea, Southmoor, Samuels, Cheltenham, Centennial, Kaiser, Eagleton and Bromwell.  This was truly a city-wide win.

Since that time, I have remained involved with DPS and have had the chance to meet many parents, teachers, and community members from all areas of the city. In 2015 I ran for the at-large seat and came within 800 votes – out of close to 120,000 votes cast – of defeating the incumbent.  During my years of involvement I have seen a repeated pattern of DPS implementing changes that communities do not want. The District and the Board have demonstrated little leadership or problem solving capabilities when it comes to educating ALL of Denver’s children. And with their alignment with federal policies, there appears to be little hope much will change with them in charge.

I want to be the voice for those who have been not heard.

The current school board has simply been a rubber stamp, approving every single DPS and Board of Education recommendation since 2013. This way of doing business has, often been made with no serious debate, leaving many communities frustrated and distrustful, and has led me to the conclusion that I must step forward to try and bring the often ignored community voice and perspective to the board.

There is no silver bullet.  It takes hard work and a passion for transformative results.  I know we can work together to do better for our students!

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