Robert Speth for Denver School Board At Large

I am a parent of two DPS students. I am not a politician.  First and foremost, I believe public education is a great equalizer In our society and a cornerstone of our democracy.  I believe that our teachers, school leaders, parents, and communities can make Denver Public Schools great for our children and grandchildren if we work together.

Twelve years of policies implemented by the district — and supported by the incumbent candidate — have produced zero results.  Less than one third of ninth graders will graduate on time and ready for college, and ACT scores are flat.  The achievement gap between our highest need students and their peers persists.  Teacher turnover in DPS is the highest in the metro area, and parents and communities have lost trust in DPS. Twelve years of failure is enough. It is time for a change… and that’s why I am running for Denver School Board at Large.  Learn more about the differences between myself and the other at large candidates.

Here is my strategy for improving Denver schools, and making sure our students have the public schools they deserve:

  1. Stop the outsourcing of public education and put taxpayer money back where it belongs – in the classroom.  Millions of dollars of public money are being spent with private corporations and consultants.  Meanwhile, many of our schools lack basic supplies that our students and teachers desperately need.
  2. Hold ALL Schools Accountable – Some schools play by a different set of rules, even though all schools receive public money.  We need a better system of ensuring that all schools are held accountable, and that all schools are serving ALL of Denver’s students.
  3. Reduce Standardized Testing – I know DPS and the school board could do more to the reduce the impact of high stakes testing.  Students are spending too much time preparing and taking standardized tests, and I believe many of our schools are simply producing compliant test takers.  Test scores are used as an excuse to close schools, a decision which has enormous implications to the fabric of our communities.  We need schools that instill a love of learning in our students, and when a school is having trouble, we need to help, not punish.
  4. Collaborate with the Community – I will listen to what our communities really need, and I will work with parents, school leaders, and community members to achieve the best outcomes for our students.

If you believe in my strategy, are concerned about the next generation, and are frustrated with the current board, join with the thousands of others to improve DPS by getting involved today.